expressives Leuchtobjekt

This energetic lady comes like a real bombshell. At least if you really know how to turn her on: Connect one or two light bombs with the control unit.

The master switch has to be put into the “armed“ position. Then, slowly turn the control dial dimmer. Lean back and enjoy how this triggers her and makes your place a piece of art.

Are you concrete enough to light her fire?

MATERIAL detonator: concrete, control dial dimmer, textile power cord
MATERIAL light pack: borosilicate glass tubes, LED power, textile power cords
DIMENSIONS detonator: 175 x 175 x 140 mm, 3.5 kg
DIMENSIONS light pack: 28.8W LED, Ø 185 mm / L 320 mm, 2.5 kg
OPTIONS: additional light pack

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