Since 1844.
Really. No kidding.

We do not claim to have over 150 years of history ourselves. Actually, that is when Isaac Johnson discovered the sintering of cement, the base ingredient for modern concrete. So what Docstone does today would have been possible since then. Well – almost.

Innovation is not necessarily about the latest material developments, but about new ways of thinking. So Docstone rethinks, designs, and engineers interiors, lights, and accessories made of concrete – our core material. We take this familiar grey matter to the next level: We open the gates of economical, retail-friendly, and affordable serial production to complex concrete design products. We craft customizable single pieces in a series production environment. Our products stand out due to their concise design language and fascinating mix of materials, which connect to the concrete in harmonious yet surprising ways.

Docstone is not just another design label – it is a way of thinking, acting, and living: Be concrete. Are you already?

Concretely yours.